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Tuxedo and Suit Rentals in Orange County, CA

The best tuxedo rental in Orange County now comes to you. Look and feel your best for a formal event with the highest quality suits and tuxedos for men. Design your look in minutes.

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Tuxedo and Suit Rentals in Orange, California

How it Works

01 Design your suit or tuxedo in minutes.

02 Easy online fitting using our fitting algorithm.

03 Get your order 14 days before your event.


Elevate your wedding attire with unmatched ease and elegance in Orange County. Enjoy complimentary swatches to perfect your palette, and experience our exclusive Home Try-On program. As a groom, you'll have 48 hours to savor the sophistication of your suit or tuxedo, ensuring it's impeccably suited for you.

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When seeking a suit rental in Orange County, efficiency and elegance are paramount. Generation Tux epitomizes both, offering an online service that delivers your chosen suit or tuxedo directly to your doorstep 14 days before your event. Select your style from our extensive collection and experience the ease of preparing for any occasion without leaving home.

Our selection of over 25 sophisticated styles ensures that representing Orange County's unique flair is effortless. Forget about the hassle of traditional fittings and aggressive sales tactics; with Generation Tux, you can relax knowing that a perfectly tailored ensemble is on its way to you.

Embrace the luxury of convenience with Generation Tux’s premier rental services in OC. From the tranquility of your residence, arrange for a high-quality, stylish suit or tuxedo to arrive just when you need it. Step into your next event with confidence and class, courtesy of Generation Tux.

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Newport Beach

In the sun-drenched elegance of Newport Beach, why spend precious moments in a suit shop? Embrace the coastal charm with a stroll along the pristine beaches or indulge in luxury shopping at Fashion Island. With Generation Tux, selecting your perfect suit is as breezy as the ocean air. Experience our seamless online service and have more time to enjoy sunset sails and gourmet dining by the sea.

Laguna Beach

Artistic flair meets seaside serenity in Laguna Beach. Instead of confining yourself to a tuxedo store, immerse yourself in this creative enclave's art galleries, or catch an inspiring performance at the Laguna Playhouse. Let Generation Tux handle your formal attire needs with style and efficiency so you can explore more of what makes Laguna uniquely captivating.


Famed for its thrilling theme parks and vibrant cultural scene, Anaheim offers endless entertainment that far surpasses any tuxedo fitting session. Whether it’s exploring Disneyland Resort or enjoying a live concert at the Honda Center, use Generation Tux to effortlessly prepare for any sophisticated outing without missing a beat of Anaheim’s lively pulse.


Known for its innovation and lush open spaces, Irvine is ideal for those who value both progress and relaxation. Skip the traditional suit fitting process; instead, bike through extensive trails or enjoy a picnic at Orange County Great Park. Trust Generation Tux to deliver an impeccably styled ensemble directly to you, ensuring you look your best with minimal fuss.

San Clemente

Embodying laid-back beach town spirit, San Clemente invites you to relax rather than rush through tuxedo selections. Spend your days surfing at Trestles or wandering along San Clemente Pier instead. With Generation Tux's convenient online service, choosing your formal wear becomes as tranquil as watching the waves roll in—effortless sophistication delivered right to your door.

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Services Offered in Orange

In the bustling heart of Orange County, where style meets convenience, Generation Tux redefines the art of formal wear rental with an effortless online experience. Say goodbye to traditional tuxedo shops and embrace a sophisticated solution that brings your perfect fit directly to your doorstep.



In the heart of Orange County, where sophistication and style converge, Generation Tux stands as a beacon of sartorial excellence. We understand that in a place celebrated for its pristine aesthetics and high standards, only the best will suffice.

With Generation Tux, experience the pinnacle of convenience and quality in suit rental. Our intuitive online platform allows you to choose from premium suits with just a few clicks, ensuring your attire aligns perfectly with your expectations. Each piece is delivered directly to your door with precision and care.

We value your peace of mind above all. That's why our exclusive Home Try-On program offers you 48 hours to wear and assess your selection in the comfort of your own home. Gather input from those whose opinions you cherish most, making sure every detail is flawless.

Embrace ease and elegance with Generation Tux in Orange County—where preparing for your special day is as seamless as it is luxurious. Let us handle the details so you can savor every moment leading up to "I do."


Orange County Tuxedo and Suit Rental FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Not needed. We deliver to any address in Orange County, and there’s no need for us to have a storefront. Our entire suit rental process takes place online and we ship your suit straight to you.

We are actually nationwide. So, as long as you give us a valid address, we can ship to anywhere in Orange County. With a rental service that lives entirely online, you don’t have to step foot into a store. It’s simple to create your style online from your living room and get it delivered straight to your doorstep.

We don’t think it’s fair to expect you to rush to return your suit just 24 hours after your event. We get it, you have a life. At Generation Tux, we give you a full three days after your event to return your suit in the mail, so you have one less thing to worry about.

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We ship to addresses in California and throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. For more info, see Shipping FAQ.

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