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Suit & Tuxedo Rental in Milwaukee, WI

Look and feel your best for an event in Milwaukee with the highest quality suits and tuxedos for men. Design your look in minutes with Generation Tux.

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Suit and Tuxedo Rental, Milwaukee Style

Milwaukee has so many nicknames because it’s a place you can’t describe with just one word. And when you show up to an event in Wisconsin’s biggest city, you don’t want to look just like everyone else. Ready to put together a one-of-a-kind ensemble that showcases your own sense of style? Look no further than Generation Tux.

We have more than 25 stylish suit and tuxedo options for men, as well as accessories in hundreds of colors, so you can create formal wear that’s appropriate for your event’s dress code, but anything but cookie cutter.

Of course, it doesn't matter what you have on if it doesn’t fit you well. Generation Tux’s innovative algorithm will figure out the best suit rental fit by answering a few simple questions. And once you’ve selected your items, we ship it all to you, anywhere in Milwaukee–for free.

All of this means you never have to venture out to a traditional men's store to shop for a special event look. With Generation Tux, you do it all from the comfort of your home or during a work break. So when you have some free time, you can do what you really want to do, like spending the day at Milwaukee Brewfest, enjoying a show at First Stage, or sipping a drink at the Glass Candle Bar.

The Many Perks of Renting with Generation Tux

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Stylish Options

We have the latest styles in suits and tuxedos. Want a classic black or gray look? We got it. Looking to go bold in blue? We got that too. Imagine how you want to look on this important day and we can help you make it a reality.

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Accessories Overload

Personalize your ensemble with the right accessories. We have everything you need to complete your ensemble, including ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, lapel pins, and more.

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Pick a Color

If you’re going to prom or wedding, you’ll need to match your accessory colors accordingly. We’ll send free color swatches to you to help ensure you select the right shade.

Yes, We Have Shoes & Socks

Don’t want to go shoe shopping for the big day? We’ve got dress shoes you can rent, along with a pair of socks–we have some fun prints and patterns.

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The Perfect Fit

Answer some questions and let our innovative algorithm find your perfect fit. It’s mind-blowingly accurate, but we still give you the chance to make changes if you notify us within 48 hours. We’ll ship out an immediate replacement.

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Easy Returns

No need to rush everything back to us. We give you three days to return your order to us. And of course, shipping is free!

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Getting Married in Milwaukee

Say “I do” to renting a suit or tux with us! We love to pamper our grooms with perks, including:

Free Home Try-On

Generation Tux offers Free Home Try-On, where grooms and wedding couples have 48 hours to test out their look before the big day. There’s plenty of time to make any adjustments if needed. One less thing to stress about.

Start Your Free Home Try-On

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Free Suit Rental

Grooms can qualify for a free suit or tux rental if there are five or more people in their wedding party.

Wedding Party Planning

Put together your wedding party’s head-to-toe look and email them your selections. Then all they need to do is answer questions so our algorithm can determine their fits.

Online Tracking

Want to make sure your groomsmen are staying on schedule? You can easily track their orders and send out reminders and notifications.

Tuxedo Rental Near Milwaukee & Beyond

Green Bay | Kenosha | Madison | Racine

We ship to addresses in Wisconsin and throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. For more info, see Shipping FAQ.

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