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Tuxedo and Suit Rentals in Indianapolis

At Generation Tux, you can order your suit or tuxedo entirely online. Create your personalized look, invite your party and we’ll deliver your outfit to your door a full 14 days before your event. With us, your suit or tuxedo rental in Indianapolis just got a whole lot easier.

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01  Design your suit or tuxedo in minutes.

02  Easy online fittings using our fitting algorithm.

03  Get your order 14 days before your event.

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A Speedy Suit and Tuxedo Rental in Indianapolis

If you’re hunting down a suit rental in Indianapolis, there’s a good chance you’re making things more difficult than they have to be. Instead of tracking down a store and trying on 50 suits, you could be ordering the suit of your dreams from the comfort of your living room. No lines. No salesmen. No dressing room.

Going into a brick-and-mortar store in your search for a tuxedo rental near Indianapolis is so 2005. Wouldn’t you rather be having fun? Well, now you can. At Generation Tux, we allow you to order your suit entirely online. In just a few clicks of a button, you can build your killer event look and then have it shipped straight to your doorstep. With one more thing crossed off your to-do list, you won’t feel guilty brunching on a Sunday in Broad Ripple Village or bar hopping on a Friday night on Massachusetts Avenue. Go on, knock back a cocktail, you deserve it.

Suit And Tuxedo Rental You Deserve

We love Indianapolis’ constant need for speed. It’s fast and it’s furious. In a city as speed-obsessed as Indianapolis, you should expect lightning fast service when it comes to renting your suit or tuxedo. You don’t have time to waste zipping back and forth between a suit rental in Indianapolis and you certainly don’t have the patience for trying on the same suit ten different times. At Generation Tux, we understand how valuable and limited your time really is. That’s why we make the rental experience as quick and easy as possible. Simply create your look online and your suit will arrive on your front steps a full 14 days before your event. How’s that for Indy speed?

With Generation Tux, you can rent a suit in record time. It all starts by creating an online Generation Tux event. Next, browse through our collection of over 20 styles of 100% merino wool suits and tuxedos, all of which come in modern and slim cuts. Once you’ve found your signature style, top it off with our range of accessories, we have everything from cufflinks to suspenders.

Perhaps the best part of all is that once you order your suit, you can sit back and let us do the rest. As you relax and revel in Indianapolis’ culture and nightlife, you may forget all about your suit until it shows up on your doorstep 14 days before your event. Let’s just say forgetting about it this way is way better than forgetting to pick it up the day before your event, which could happen when you rent from a traditional shop. Ouch.

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Broad Ripple Village

Broad Ripple Village has got it goin’ on. With so much to do, why waste your Sunday running over to a suit rental near Indianapolis when you could spend it cafe hopping? Broad Ripple Village is truly the place to see and be seen, so we won’t blame you if you take your new suit out for a test spin when it gets to your door 14 days before your event.

Massachusetts Avenue

You could spend hours looking for tuxedo rentals in Indianapolis along Mass Ave. or you could spend your time soaking up this urban oasis. Order your suit online with us and you’ll have more time to play in this entertainment hub. Party planning is stressful, let us give you back the free time you deserve.

Fountain Square

Fountain Square is the epitome of cool with its antique shops, art galleries, and international restaurants. You better believe some boxy oversized suit isn’t going to cut it in this part of town. With Generation Tux, we’ll suit you up in a tux that will make you the talk of the town. Order online and then just sit back and wait for your package to arrive.

Indianapolis Tuxedo and Suit Rental Services We Offer

When it comes to finding a suit rental in Indianapolis, it’s time to get up to speed. Why are you going into a storefront multiple times tracking down a suit that only sort of fits, when you could order a suit that was practically made for you with our online services? The answer is simple. Turn to Generation Tux if you want a quick and hassle-free rental experience that ends in a suit or tuxedo that fits perfectly.

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Rock Your Right Fit

You might be too bashful to say it yourself, so we’ll go ahead and say it for you: you want all eyes on you at your next big event. It’s normal to want to look sharp and yes, maybe even a little sexy. But you can’t do that if you’re showing up in a drab suit that screams “this is my brother’s hand-me-down.” You want people to be doing double-takes for all the right reasons. This is where we can help. Generation Tux 's fashion-forward exclusive fit technology allows us to find your perfect fit every single time. You can choose between over 20 different styles of 100% merino wool suits and tuxedos that all come in slim and modern cuts. With Generation Tux, you will find a suit that looks like it was made for you and only you.

Find Your Fit

Pick Your Color Palette

Pick your poison. Blue or grey? Black or brown? With us, you can search through our free color swatches to find the perfect shade. After you’ve decided on your color scheme, have some fun and accessorize. Cufflinks and suspenders are totally in right now. We even have pocket squares. Once you’ve completed your look, it’s time to move onto your groomsmen. Remember, with five paid rentals, the groom’s suit rental is entirely free of charge.

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Welcome to the Future

Welcome to the 21st century. It’s almost the mid-2000’s, there is absolutely no excuse not to rent your suit online. It’s time to get up to speed. Unlike traditional stores that make you wait until the day before your event to pick up your suit, Generation Tux will deliver your suit a full 14 days before your event. And after your event, you have three days to return it to us. That’s way better than the 24-hour return policies that most brick-and-mortar stores live by.

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Do a Test Run

All of Indiannapolis’ race car drivers do at least one test lap before the big race, and if you’re the groom, you should, too. Thanks to our At Home Try-On program, you can try on your suit for 48 hours to make sure it’s the one. If you can’t stop looking at yourself in the mirror, that’s a sure sign it’s the suit for you. On the other hand, if it doesn’t make you feel like a million bucks, you can return it to us for free.

Formalwear Rentals in Indianapolis from Generation Tux

When it comes to Indianapolis, you better keep up. At Generation Tux, we help you maintain your speed. We offer the education, style, and convenience you need to keep you on your A-game. With our easy online platform, you’re in and out. Create your look in a few clicks of the button and your garment will be well on its way to your doorstep. It’s so simple you’d be silly to rent a suit any other way. And if you’re a groom getting prepped to walk down the aisle, don’t forget about our At Home Try-On program. You can give your suit a whirl without any pressure and finding your perfect suit just got a whole lot easier.

Start Home Try-On
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Indianapolis Tuxedo and Suit Rental FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

The beauty of our easy-to-use rental service is that you can create your look entirely online and get it shipped to your address. There’s no need for storefronts when you can personalize your suit, find your fit, and mail it to your doorstep.

It’s always a good idea to rent your suits all together so that you ensure everyone looks the part. With five paid rentals, the groom’s suit rental is entirely free. The groom also gets to take advantage of a free 48-hour Home Try-On* program, which lets him test out his suit before the big day.

We deliver to every city in the U.S., so even if your groomsmen are spread across the country, it’s no sweat. It’s easy for us to deliver to individual addresses. If they live in Alaska or Hawaii, their suits may take a few days longer to arrive than those who live in the continental U.S., but no matter where they live, everyone will receive their garments 14 days prior to the event.

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We ship to addresses in Indiana and throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. For more info, see Shipping FAQ.

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*Home Try-On garments subject to availability