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Tuxedo and Suit Rentals in Detroit

The best suit and tuxedo rental in Detroit is not in a store. Generation Tux delivers high quality, modern fitting suits and tuxedos to your door 14 days before your event.

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01  Design your suit or tuxedo in minutes.

02  Easy online fittings using our fitting algorithm.

03  Get your order 14 days before your event.


While Detroit is nicknamed the “Motor City,” driving around Midtown on a weekday is the last thing you want to be doing. We’re about to give you one less reason to navigate rush-hour traffic. At Generation Tux, we provide you with a well-fitted tuxedo rental in Detroit, delivered right to your home. With our easy online process, you can spend your time enjoying Detroit’s iconic arts scene, catching a show at the Fillmore, or staying in with some takeout and TV. In fact, you’ll receive your fitted garment 14 days before your event, and we won’t blame you if you take it out for a spin.

Wherever you live and whatever your big event may be—a black-tie gala, a company party, or your wedding—you’re just a few clicks away from a tuxedo or suit that will have you looking and feeling like a million bucks (for much less). Angling for the title of Prom King? Generation Tux is your one-stop shop for a contemporary prom look that you’ll remember forever.

Keep reading to learn how Generation Tux works and why we’re the best way to score a great suit and tuxedo rental near Detroit.


From historic Grand Circus Park to serene Belle Isle, and all the action in between, downtown Detroit has given America some of its most beloved music and culinary culture. If you’re among the lucky ones who wakes up to the energy of Greektown and the rhythm of Lower Woodward, why leave all this magic to search for a suit or tuxedo? Generation Tuxedo lets you browse through our fashion-forward collection of over 25 suits and tuxedos all while you chow down on your favorite spanakopita on the couch.


Midtown may be one of the busiest parts of town, but we never fault a place for its hustle. This cohort of neighborhoods is also a local artist hub where you live amongst bold strokes of color and creativity. Check out our gallery of inspiration and be a trendsetter with a unique suit rental in Detroit.


New Center may not cover much real estate, but it certainly stands out. This is for sure the place to be when the sun goes down. Even if you don’t live here, chances are your favorite bar or morning coffee shop calls New Center home sweet home. With Generation Tux, you can look for a suit rental near Detroit from your favorite café or as you step up for last call.


North Detroit likes to take a more thoughtful approach. Quality takes time, and finding the look for your event is a process. After all, you’re about to make memories you’ll carry with you into the next phase of your life. With Generation Tux, you get an entirely online process that ends with a curated ensemble that’s guaranteed to fit using our exclusive fit technology. Forget measuring tape and crowded fitting, we bring you a gorgeous suit with none of the hassle and stress.

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Detroit has places to go and people to see, just like you. We don’t expect you to slow down to shop for a tuxedo rental in Detroit. Your time is a hot commodity. You want to be downing breakfast at Eastern Market or celebrating your engagement near Cadillac Place, not driving around town looking for a suit or tux. After you have found your perfect outfit on our hassle-free 100% online suit and tuxedo rental process, Generation Tux will send your new look straight to your door. Save your gas and let us do the heavy lifting.


A well-fit tuxedo or suit will feel like it was made for you. You want a cut that leaves your partner—and your friends—stunned. Traditionally, getting this jaw-dropping look meant multiple trips to the store, hours of trying on samples, and the awkward dance to avoid getting stuck with the tailor’s pins and tacks. Let’s skip that. Just answer a few questions online and our unique, exclusive fit technology will determine the right fit for your physique, guaranteed.

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When you think about renting a tuxedo, do you imagine driving across town to pick up some boxy formal wear made of scratchy polyester? That’s so 80s...and not in a cute way. We’re here to change all that. The benefits of renting with Generation Tux start now, exactly where you are. Whether you’re the groom or the best man, Generation Tux makes it easy to coordinate matching tuxedos for the whole crew. Leave the 85 messages per-minute group text in the past. Grooms also get the added benefit of Home Try-On* to help you and your fiancé(e) plan ahead.


With a Home Try-On, grooms get all the great perks of our curated collection, the right fit, and stellar service, plus a little something extra to help you find the perfect tuxedo rental in Detroit for your big day. Generation Tux Home Try-On includes a consultation with one of our personal stylists to create your look months before your wedding. Your stylist will help you select your favorite from over 25 slim and classic-fit styles, all made from 100% high-quality Merino wool. Test drive your new look for 48-hours and if you like it, you are set. If you decide you want to go in another direction, no problem. Just call our award-winning Customer Experience team and we will work to get you into a suit or tuxedo that makes all of your event dreams come true. It’s that easy.

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Do you or your partner lose sleep worrying about mismatched groomsmen? Our free color swatching solves that problem and gives you peace of mind, all delivered right to your door. See fabric colors in real life, test them against your color palette, and pass them out to the wedding party. Everyone will match and you’ll sleep more soundly, for free.

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In Detroit there’s more than meets the eye. Each historic building tells a story. Those ridiculously cold winters melt into some gorgeous summers. And everywhere you look there’s great music tumbling out of a local concert. We’re inspired by the city’s movers and shakers, like Stevie Wonder and street artist Bill Bowen. When you book a tuxedo rental near Detroit with Generation Tux, you’re part of a movement. We believe in convenience, quality, and killer modern menswear.

Planning your wedding? Browse over 25 contemporary tuxedo and suit designs and, if you’re the groom, get started with a Home Try-On today!

Detroit Tuxedo and Suit Rental FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

We sure do. In addition to suits and tuxedos, Generation Tux rents a full range of shirts, vests and cummerbunds, socks and shoes, ties, and accessories to personalize your look. Your groomsmen can express their individuality while keeping your wedding themes and colors at the forefront. Everybody will look great and feel like the best version of themselves.

Generation Tux doesn’t have any storefronts, and our customers love the entirely online experience that we provide. Once you get a taste of the freedom that comes with tossing out measuring tapes and last-minute trips to the tailor, you’ll never go back to brick and mortar suit and tuxedo rentals near Detroit.

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