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Oct, 8 2020

10 Best Halloween Wedding Ideas

10 Best Halloween Wedding Ideas

For many couples, the start of the holiday season officially begins with Halloween. Using the holiday as inspiration for your wedding day can make for a truly unique special event. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you can fill your day with special touches that highlight the holiday, but still have it be an elegant affair. Here are 10 ideas to help you get started on the planning process.


How To Plan The Perfect Halloween Wedding

1. Choose the Right Colors

You can still dress like a traditional bride and groom on the big day, but choose outfit accents that play up the Halloween theme, using the official colors of the holiday: black, orange, and purple. Think of a black suit or black tux with an orange or purple tie, pocket square, and socks.

2. Choose a Spooky Venue

Find a location that can easily be transformed to fit your Halloween inspired wedding. A historical castle, landmark hotel, or even a rustic barn are all great choices.

3. Send Out Themed Invites

The wedding invites are your guest’s first glimpse into the theme and overall vibe of your wedding event. Look for something with a gothic theme that can show off your fun side while still being sophisticated.

4. Set Up Themed Lighting

Set the stage for your evening with lots of candlelight around the room. You can also ask your venue or DJ if they can and illuminate your venue’s dance floor with some spiderwebs to complete the eerie look.

5. Ask Guests to Dress Up

If you really want to go full-blown Halloween, ask your guests to come dressed up in costume to the reception. You can even hand out prizes for Best Costume, Most Creative, Hottest Couple, etc.

6. Put Out Halloween Décor

In addition to floral centerpieces, dress up each table with small pumpkins, skulls, spiders and any other Halloween-centric items.

7. Serve Up Some Candy

Halloween is synonymous with trick or treating and why should kids have all the fun? Set up a colorful candy bar at the wedding so guests can take home a bag filled with sweet treats as part of their favor.

8. Decorate The Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is usually the centerpiece at the reception, so it makes sense that it would fit in with the event’s theme. You can still have a traditional wedding cake but decorate it with some Halloween-inspired colors and accents, so it doesn’t look like a child’s birthday cake.

9. Feature Darker Flowers

Choose wedding flowers in darker colors, including burgundy, deep purples, oranges, and such, to complement the overall theme. Placing some crystal accessories around bouquets and table centerpieces can give a sophisticated touch to each arrangement.

10. Create Signature Cocktails

Work with your venue’s bartender to create some cocktails that play up your theme. You can even give them fun names like Witches Brew, Blood Orange Margaritas, or Hallowine Sangria.

Need More Wedding Inspiration?

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  • Photos by Nick Plus Danée & Cake & Lace Seattle

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