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May, 22 2024

What Should the Ring Bearer Wear? Finding the Perfect Attire

A group of men with three little boys holding wedding related signs

A ring bearer making their way down the aisle is one of the most endearing moments in any wedding ceremony. These little ones, often clad in miniature versions of the wedding party's attire, bring a unique charm and innocence to the day.

With all eyes on them as they symbolically carry the wedding rings on a ring bearer pillow, what the ring bearer wears should be an important consideration for the wedding couple.

So, what’s the secret to a stunning ringbearer outfit? Finding a balance between comfort and style while adhering to the overall theme of the wedding. For you, that may mean choosing attire that complements the wedding dress and/or the groom's getup while simultaneously matching the aesthetic of the wedding venue and the formality of the event itself.

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Whether it's a formal wedding requiring a tuxedo or a destination wedding, the attire should make the ring bearer feel special while seamlessly integrating with the wedding party — making them feel like an integral part of the big day while also standing out in their unique, adorable way.

Choosing a Ring Bearer

While anyone — even your family dog — can be a ring bearer, tradition calls for young boys typically between the ages of four to eight. That said, any age will do and miniature tuxedos for children as young as three years old are available.

The reason for this age range is attributed to a couple of things: Adorableness and being capable of handling the responsibility of a ring bearer with the right guidance.

While children’s innocent charm and eagerness to be a part of the wedding day add a heartwarming touch to the ceremony, wedding couples should consider the individual child's personality and ability to follow instructions. Carrying expensive wedding rings is no easy task!

Here’s what a ring bearer should be capable of doing (with a little help, of course):

  • Walking down the aisle.
  • Securely holding a traditional ring bearer pillow.
  • Standing quietly during the ceremony.
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While the sight of a little ring bearer in a suit or tuxedo can melt hearts, ensuring they understand their ring bearer duties will ensure your wedding goes just as you planned.

When it comes down to choosing your ring bearer, it is ultimately up to you, the person getting married!

Your choice should align with your personal preferences and the overall tone of your wedding day. Whether it's a family member, a child of a close friend, or even a beloved pet, the ring bearer is a special part of the wedding party.

Ring Bearer Suits That Stun

Children in suits

Whether your wedding is a grand, formal affair or a casual beach gathering, the ring bearer's outfit should reflect the overall aesthetic. Here are a few classic, fun, cultural, and cute options perfect for your ring bearer:

A Miniature Suit or Tuxedo

For formal weddings, a miniature suit or tuxedo can make the little one look dapper and in sync with the wedding's elegant vibe. This ensures that the ring bearer not only feels special but also complements the wedding's atmosphere.

Complete the classic, mini, tux with an elegant black bowtie to really bring the look together.

A Culture Outfit Reflective of Your Background

For those opting for a more traditional or themed wedding, the ring bearer's attire can be a delightful nod to the couple's unique style or cultural background. Cultural or traditional attire for the ring bearer can add a deeply personal touch to your ceremony, celebrating your heritage and the diversity of love.

A Matching Outfit With the Groomsmen

Matching the ring bearer's outfit with the groomsmen ensures a cohesive look that ties the wedding party together. This means choosing a kid's suit that mirrors the groomsmen's attire to a tee but simply in a smaller size — complete with matching bow ties, pocket squares, and even the same dress shoes.

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Something Cool, Casual, and Collected

For a less formal or rustic, outdoor wedding, casual attire that still feels special and festive can make the ring bearer comfortable and happy throughout the day.

For a casual ring bearer look, try a nice dress shirt tucked into dress pants. If you’re thinking of something even more casual, try khakis. To add zhuzh, a pair of little suspenders can take a more casual look up a rung without going over the top.

Knowing how to dress kids for a wedding can take some of the guesswork out of the wedding planning process — and add an adorable, charming appeal to the celebration.

Choosing the Right Ring Bearer Pillow

A dad and son in suits holding a "ring security" sign

With outfit inspiration swirling around, what about the classic ring bearer pillow? A traditional ornamental pillow not only holds the wedding rings but also serves as a symbolic piece of the ceremony.

When choosing a pillow — or another type of vessel to hold the rings — it should:

  • Complement the ring bearer's outfit and the wedding's theme to enhance visual storytelling.
  • Be appropriately sized for the child carrying it — i.e., not too large or too heavy.

Common pillow choices include options in white or ivory satin for more traditional weddings, but other colors or fabrics that match the wedding theme are perfectly acceptable, too. If you're not too fussy about following tradition, don’t be afraid to get creative!

Ring Bearer Outfit FAQ

We understand that planning a wedding can be stressful. Vendors, venues, outfits, oh my! It’s great if you can throw some fun into the planning process, and choosing the perfect little ensemble for your ring bear should be just that! So, to quell any concerns and smoothen the process just a little bit, here are some frequently asked questions about ring bearers and their outfits to help inform your decision:

Does the Ring Bearer Wear the Same Color as the Groomsmen?

They can, yes!

Some couples choose to have the ring bearer's attire match that of the groomsmen or the groom entirely — including the colors. In such cases, the ring bearer might wear a miniature version of the exact same suit or tuxedo worn by the groomsmen, down to the accessories.

Do Ring Bearers Wear a Pocket Square?

Whether a ring bearer wears a pocket square typically depends on the overall style and formality of the wedding. But if you’re asking us, miniature pocket squares are adorable so yes — ring bearers should wear one!

Do Ring Bearers Wear White?

Ring bearers do not necessarily wear white. White is traditionally reserved for one or both of the people getting married unless it’s a more casual beach wedding with linen suits abound, for example.

While it's common for ring bearers to wear attire that matches or complements the groomsmen or groom, it doesn't always mean they wear white.

What Is the Ring Bearer Supposed To Carry?

While a pillow is the most traditional choice, ring bearers can also carry boxes or other vessels that keep the rings safe. What you choose to have your rings walked down the aisle inside is ultimately up to you — just make sure the little one can comfortably carry it without difficulty.

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