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Aug, 7 2023

Can You Wear a Tie With a Tux?

A man in a black suit with a white rose boutonniere

The question of whether a tie can replace a bow tie with a tuxedo has long been a topic of discussion in the fashion world. Traditionally, a man in a tuxedo is typically pictured with a bow tie. This image has been established and reinforced by countless formal events throughout history, from weddings to red carpet events. But, does it mean it's a cardinal sin to wear a tie with a tuxedo instead of a bow tie? A common saying in the industry goes something like this:

“Fashion is not about following set rules, it's about bending them to express your individuality.”

So, can this fashion rule be bent or even broken? Can you wear a tuxedo with a tie? Is it possible to make a style statement with a tie and tuxedo combination?

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Let's delve into the nitty-gritty of men's formal wear to answer these burning questions. And make sure you stick around till the end of the article, where we will hold an ultimate fashion face-off: Tie vs. Bow Tie. Who will come out on top? Let's find out!

Wearing a Tie With a Tuxedo

A man in a black tux and tie

Let's start from the beginning. For as long as tuxedos have existed, bow ties were the norm to go with formalwear. This tradition has created a widespread opinion that no other combination will do. However, the rules of men’s high fashion aren’t as strict today as they were a few decades ago – creativity and individuality are the norms today, and there might be room for both when wearing a tux.

According to, wearing a tie with a tux can be acceptable, depending on your choice, the particular combination, and the occasion. But breaking any rule is best done if you understand the rule itself. Let’s look at the reasoning behind the traditional approach and how the modern practice has shifted.

The Traditional Approach

Wearing a bow tie with a tuxedo has been the norm since the mid-19th century when the classical tux was invented. While this trend was set a long time ago, it established a prevailing opinion that long ties simply weren’t suitable for tuxedos. And there’s a very interesting reason behind this notion:

In the olden days, the shape of your neckwear would differentiate event attendees from the livery staff. While the former wore bow ties as a rule, the latter had to wear long ties. This differentiation likely made ties appear inappropriate for regular guests.

Modern Trends

In modern times, the trends started changing. Particularly during the 90s, the formal nature of the tux started being questioned. Dressing down was all the rage during the last decade of the previous century, and this tendency affected tuxedos, too.

If you think about the most straightforward way to dress down a tux, the solution will be apparent: wear a tie rather than the traditional bow tie. A long tie makes the tuxedo more akin to a suit, which makes the outfit less formal. Paired with the modern notion of bow ties being too strict and safe, the emerging trend opened up a different way to wear and view the tux.

How to Wear a Tie With a Tuxedo

George Clooney in a black tuxedo and tie

Although wearing a tie with a tuxedo is possible, that doesn’t mean just any tie will make the outfit work. The choice of material, shape, and color will be crucial. After all, you might want to make a fashion statement, but not with a tie that mismatches the tux completely.

As is common with neckties, the knot you use will also matter. Lastly, you can use specific accessories to bring forth your unique look and make it even more effective.

Choosing the Right Tie

If it’s your first time wearing a tie with a tux, you probably won’t find the right choice among the ties in your closet. The tie accompanying the tuxedo needs to be special – bold statements are best made with carefully selected words, and the same principle applies to fashion.

Choose a relatively thin tie, making sure it’s not too narrow. In terms of material, opt for something lush like silk or satin. Formal or not, a tuxedo is a luxury item, and your tie should reflect that. Finally, pick a color matching your tux lapels. The tie can feature a pattern, but only a very subtle one.

Tying the Tie

There’s no reason to experiment too much when tying the knot. The Half-Windsor and Windsor are most common for a reason – they’re suitable for practically any occasion. And if you don’t know how to tie the perfect knot, don’t worry. We’ve already prepared a comprehensive video on the topic to guide you through the process.


You might be aware that tuxedos are often paired with various accessories. Studs, cufflinks, vests, cummerbunds, and pocket squares are among the most common. If you have those accessories available, let’s start with what not to wear if you opt for a tux-tie combo.

Firstly, the cummerbund might create an association with the most formal tuxedo type. Since the tie dresses down the tux, these two elements won’t combine well. Similarly, a pocket square might be a bad choice here. Although it might work with a tie in theory, in practice it simply doesn’t seem to fit.

We’re left with studs, cufflinks, and vests. You can combine these accessories with a tie and a tuxedo to great success. Make sure the colors match, though, and pay attention to the shape and style of your studs and cufflinks.

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Tuxedo With Bow Tie or Tie?

Man wearing a black tux with a white rose boutonniere

The debate between the bow tie or tie to go with a tuxedo is one of tradition and formality. Where you stand on the matter will depend on whether you appreciate the roots of tuxedo wearing or find the old rules outdated.

That being said, certain situations will demand the classical look, while others will leave the outfit entirely to your choice.


Regarding formality, the principle is simple: The more formal the occasion is, the more appropriate it will be to wear a bow tie. We’ve already explained that a tie essentially dresses down a tux. This makes a tie a better choice for relatively relaxed environments. If you’re attending a gala, a bow tie will practically be a must.

But if you’re the best man at a wedding, making the attire more casual with a regular tie could hit the spot. However, it might be better to discuss this with the bride or groom, as they may want their wedding party to coordinate looks.

Personal Style

Outside of social mandate, what you wear with a tuxedo will be a matter of your personal style. When in doubt, you should always opt for whatever makes you most comfortable. After all, an attire you love wearing is easier to pull off than one you’re itching to get out of.

Colored Bow Ties With Tuxedos

Man wearing a black tux with a maroon bowtie

If the tie turns out to be a no-go, you can always go back to the traditional bow tie, but with a twist. Although black bow ties were the norm, lending the name to the high-profile “black tie events,” modern fashion gives you more freedom in the form of color choices. Of course, you’ll need to be careful about which color you pick, as well as the bow tie’s pattern and texture.

Color Coordination

When choosing a bow tie that’s not black, subtlety will be the name of the game. This means you should choose a tie that won’t stand out from the rest of your outfit. Match it with another accessory like the pocket square and ensure both details go well with your shirt.

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Color coordination is largely a matter of contrast. Depending on how you match colors, the effects you achieve may be wildly different. For instance, you may go with analogous colors, i.e., orange and yellow, for an outstandingly elegant look. If choosing complimentary colors like orange and blue, both will pop out more, so ensure one of the colors is toned down.

Patterns and Textures

The story around bow tie patterns boils down to one principle: Solid color is formal, while patterns are more relaxed. The same applies to textures. A silky smooth tie will be in line with formal occasions. More robust textures leave a laid-back impression and may be a better fit for a less formal gathering.

Long Ties With Tuxedos

Man wearing a black tux and tie in a snowy forest

So you’ve chosen to wear a long tie with a tux. In that case, you should be aware of one critical fact: The long tie-tuxedo combination is much easier to botch than pull off with success. However, the risk may be well worth it. If done right, this combination can emphasize your personal style and make for a unique attire that everyone will notice for all the right reasons.

The solution will be in your choice of tie. Get this right, and everything else will fall in place. As a bonus, choosing the most fitting knot will enhance the impression.

Choosing the Right Tie

There are several rules that will always produce the optimal results regarding both ties and bow ties:

  • Silk is the preferred material in most situations.
  • It’s best to match the tie finish with the lapel.
  • Solid colors usually work better than patterns.
  • Self-tied ties are the norm.

The optimal way to rock a long tie with a tux is to pay attention to what the tuxedo is like. Low-cut models with shawl collars look too classic for the modern style, and you won’t be able to dress them down with a tie. A higher-cut, peaked-lapel tux will lend itself much better to the long tie.

Tying the Tie

Tie knots come in all shapes and sizes, so matching them with a tuxedo might represent a challenge. Let’s start with knot types that would be completely inappropriate for the dressed-down look you’re likely trying to achieve.

Complex knots like the Eldredge or Trinity will be out of the question. Wearing a long tie with a tux is already a brave statement, so you won’t need an extravagant knot to up the ante. Similarly, the wider Four-in-Hand variants like the Kelvin or Prince Albert may not agree with a tuxedo, while the Balthus might seem a bit too forward.

Essentially, the choice is rather simple: Opt for the Simple Knot, Four-in-Hand, Half-Windsor, or Windsor. These styles will never seem out of place and they’ll let the tie do its job fashion-wise.

Black Tuxedo With Tie

Man wearing a black tux and black bowtie

The black tux is definitely the most iconic variant of formalwear attire. Matching it with a tie will break the traditional form and open up various exciting options.

On the one hand, you could make your look stylish and elegant in a classical sense. On the other hand, creating a braver combination will be just as easy. As always, the result will depend on three factors: texture, material, and color.

Texture and Material

The texture will immediately determine how formal you want your attire to look. Going with a smooth and subtle variant will, of course, give you a high-class flair. But if you want to let the rebel within out, a touch of ruggedness will do just that.

In terms of material, silk is the standard. If you’re aiming for a more casual look, linen and cotton ties can go well with a tux and allow the tie to stand out as a bold detail. We will have to draw the line at wool or knitted ties, which would be a bit over the edge even for the bravest norm-breaking fashionistas.

Color Coordination

Color coordination with a black tux is relatively easy. You can go with black-on-black as the safest option or choose to play with complementary and contrasting colors. In this case, the accent will be on your shirt and how it combines with the tie.

It’s worth remembering that complimentary colors will make each other stand out more. In other words, they’re a combination to be approached with the utmost care. The right amount of contrast could serve you well, but too much, and the rest of your attire might look completely visually detached from the tux.

Customize Your Style

The combination of tuxedo and bow tie is a classic. However, it could also be seen as “playing it safe.” If you want a more daring combination, there’s nothing stopping you from matching a tux with a tie – as long as you know precisely what you’re doing.

But before you make a decision, it might be helpful to gather some perspectives on this style choice. What do experts and professionals from various fields say about pairing a tie with a tuxedo? Does the opinion change based on the event's formality or cultural considerations? And what does the trend forecast for this fashion combination?

Tie vs. Bow Tie: Fashion Face-Off

A tie, bowtie, pocket square, and color swatch in Dark Navy

In difficult times, "fashion is always outrageous," famously said by Elsa Schiaparelli, encapsulates the fashion world's innate capacity to constantly evolve and provoke. The debate between neckties and bow ties when worn with a tuxedo is one that stirs conversation, fueling passionate viewpoints from various sectors.

As part of the journey to explore this sartorial conundrum, let's delve into different perspectives on this matter, drawing wisdom from professionals across industries and fashion enthusiasts alike.

FAQ - Can You Wear a Tie With a Tux?

Q: Can You Wear a Tie With a Tux?

A: The classic tuxedo, a staple in black-tie formalwear, traditionally pairs with a bow tie. However, modern fashion adaptations do allow for some leniency, and It's becoming increasingly common to see individuals wear a tie with a tux. Whether you opt for a necktie with a tuxedo or a bow tie with a tux, it comes down to your personal style, the event's dress code, and the level of formality.

Q: What's the Difference Between a Necktie and a Bow Tie?

A: While both are classed as neckwear, a bow tie is a shorter type of tie or bow tie that creates a knot at the collar, offering a more formal yet distinctive look. On the other hand, a neck tie hangs vertically down the chest - more casual but versatile in various settings. What you want to wear with a tuxedo with a tie will ultimately depend on the occasion and the traditional dress code.

A: What Should I Wear For a Black Tie Event?

Q: A black tie event signifies a highly formal occasion, which typically requires a tuxedo, a black bow tie, and high-quality patent leather shoes. The inclusion of a cummerbund or waistcoat, preferably black or midnight blue, is a common part of the black tie dress code. Pairing a tuxedo jacket with a necktie can be seen as more casual and may not align with the true black tie formal requirements.

Q: Is It Appropriate to Wear a Black Necktie to a Black Tie Event?

A: A black tie event traditionally calls for a black bow tie. However, it has become somewhat acceptable to wear a tie with a tuxedo, provided it's a black silk tie. This style, while a departure from the classic black tie standards, can still present a sleek black tie outfit when properly coordinated.


In the final analysis, the question, "Can you wear a tuxedo with a tie?" does not have a clear-cut answer. Both ties and bow ties have their merits, and your selection will ultimately depend on the occasion, your personal style, and your comfort.

The traditional formal wear wisdom still holds its value. A bow tie brings a certain level of elegance and formality to your tuxedo that aligns with time-honored etiquette. However, a long tie can present a contemporary, unique alternative that expresses your individuality.

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, rules are guidelines rather than rigid constraints. Therefore, it's completely acceptable to mix and match and make the tuxedo-and-tie combination work for you, as long as it's tastefully done and fits the occasion.

But, above all, remember that the key to pulling off any attire, formal or casual, is wearing it with confidence. So whether you choose a bow tie or a long tie, wear it with pride, and you're sure to make a style statement. After all, fashion is about self-expression and comfort.

So, to answer the titular question once and for all - yes, you can indeed wear a tuxedo with a tie, but be aware of the occasion, the norms, and most importantly, your personal style.

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