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Mar, 28 2018

The Tuxedo 101: According to Symphony Conductors

The Tuxedo 101: According to Symphony Conductors

Few men on earth understand the tuxedo like a symphony conductor. A conductor basically lives in a tuxedo. It’s his uniform, his performance gear, his most important wardrobe staple. He needs responsive attire that complements and inspires intense reactions from his audience.

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In other words, he’s gotta look good to sound good. Here’s how they do it:


“[Fashion choice] reflects who I am: my age, my generation, my sense of style are always expressed. … Different attire may better suit different concert experiences. Perhaps Saturday night is date night, and so tails and formalwear is very appropriate. But a midday Family Concert is more casual, and for a concert in the community we may want an even more informal look.” – Yannick Nézet-Séguin, Philadelphia Orchestra conductor


“Wearing red makes you perform more… Wearing blue, you can be quiet, and not perform… Maybe doing all these performances in my work, in real life I want to be quieter.” – Michael Tilson Thomas, San Francisco Symphony conductor(SFGate)

“I’m pretty conservative when it comes to color—and accessories with colorful pocket squares.” – Alan Gilbert, New York City Symphony conductor (Financial Times)

“We all made a decision together for our PopUP concert last fall to wear brightly colored tops. The audience was delighted that they could pick out their favorite performers more easily. It was a big success.” – Yannick Nézet-Séguin, music director of the Philadelphia Orchestra (Symphony Magazine)

man button up tuxedo


“Tuxedoes with tails are comfortable—they’re less conflicting and have more room for the arms. … You’re not dealing with white ties, a vest, cummerbunds.” – Michael Tilson Thomas (SFGate)


“[‘Performal’ tuxedo t-shirts] don’t cling to skin; you don’t feel soaking wet and clammy an hour into a Mahler symphony or an opera.” – Abilene Philharmonic conductor David Itkin

“One of my go-to looks is jeans and a blazer. While I do have bespoke jackets that are more constructed, I also love an unstructured tailored jacket.” – Alan Gilbert (Financial Times)


“For my shirts, I enjoy a softer, Neapolitan shoulder. I have my initials monogrammed beneath my left rib cage but on my concert shirts, they’re out of the way on the left elbow.” – Alan Gilbert


“[I wear] a Chinese collar and buttons fastened from the waist to the neck, but with custom-designed tails to resemble a traditional frock from behind.” – John Axelrod, Royal Symphony Orchestra of Seville (W Magazine)

man putting on shirt cuffs wearing a tuxedo


“Dressed in the most stylish tuxedo I could find, I walked onto the stage while the orchestra was warming up and simply made a short statement criticizing Gergiev’s support of the law…I was immediately pounced upon by security and eventually left of my own volition.” – Valery Gergiev, principal conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra (NPR)

While you may not be spending half your week in a tuxedo for your career, these gentlemen certainly do have the whole tux thing figured out and we could afford to learn a thing or two from them. After all, your wedding is kind of like a performance, right?

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