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Mar, 9 2020

Generation Tux’s Cleaning Process

Generation Tux’s Cleaning Process

Rent with Confidence with Generation Tux

In the wake of recent events, we would like to share information about our cleaning process, and the care that goes into your suit or tux rental.

No Shortcuts

Generation Tux employs a team of cleaning professionals in Louisville, KY, led by over 35 years of experience. Using state of the art commercial grade cleaning equipment, each garment is taken through a rigorous cleaning process, ensuring your suit or tuxedo is perfect, and clean, for your big day. Upon receipt of every return, each item is manually inspected and placed into a specific cleaning process that is dedicated to its material fibers. We take the time, 60 minutes to be exact, to make sure each suit is cleaned and disinfected appropriately.

Our Cleaning Process includes:

  • Recycling of all materials related to packaging
  • Inspection by hand for each returned item
  • Categorization of each item for the dedicated cleaning process
    • Wool is safely dry cleaned using Green Earth, the safest dry cleaning solutions available
    • Cotton items are steam cleaned at 350 degrees
    • Shoes are disinfected and hand-polished with a microfiber cloth
  • Items are placed in plastic before storage
  • All cleaning solutions are safely and professionally disposed of


At Generation Tux, we are committed to finding better and CLEANER ways of taking care of our garments that benefit the safety of customers, and the safety of our environment as well.

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