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Jul, 26 2019

Ultimate Guide to Being a Great Groomsmen

Ultimate Guide to Being a Great Groomsmen

So, your best bud is getting married. Quite the leap from doing keg stands in college, amirite? But now it’s time to get serious. This is an important time in this man’s life and you’ve been asked to be a part of it. Terrible decision, really. You can’t mess this one up.

We’ve pooled our best tips to help you be the best groomsman ever. But we can only do so much. The rest is up to you.

What the Groomsmen Traditionally Pay For

Before the Wedding

Aid the groom

The job of the groomsmen is to be there for the groom during the wedding planning season. Attend all the pre-wedding events with a smile and agree with the groom whenever he starts complaining. It’s going to get a bit hectic in his house, so there will be times when he needs to vent or needs to get out of the house or needs help putting together floral arrangements. You just never know what might happen and you need to be prepared to assist with anything he might need.

Take Care of the Suit

You’re going to wear whatever the bride and groom tell you with a smile, but that doesn’t mean it can look sloppy. It’s up to you to make sure your suit or tux gets fitted properly and any mishaps get taken care of easily. The bride doesn’t want to hear that you messed up the day of her wedding by not getting your suit adjustments on time or your jacket is two sizes too big. And you’ll have to get it back in time, too.

The Bachelor Party

While it’s usually up to the best man to plan a bachelor party, it’s the rest of the groomsmen that are going to be his sounding board. Share your ideas and help plan this epic night. If you’re the one taking the reins, see our guide to being the best man for more details.

Keep in mind that you’re probably going to help with paying for all this, so try to stay within your own budget when making suggestions.

The Wedding

Groom Duty

All the groomsmen are going to be on groom duty on the day of the wedding. Keep him calm and sober, but also having a good time. This is a big day for him and you’re an important part of that.

Be a Gentleman

Sure the groom has to stay sober since he has a lot of family around, but that doesn’t mean you have to, right? Wrong. A quick toast before the ceremony to calm the groom’s nerves is one thing, but no one needs to be swaying up there. And during the reception, we know how hard it is to promise not to have a few drinks. A few are cool, expected even. But behaving yourself, and making sure the other groomsmen behave themselves, is important.

Be friendly to all the people who came in to see the bride and groom, even if you don’t know them. Be especially nice to all the bridesmaids and the mothers of the bride and groom. Ask them to dance, ask them about life. All the normal, gentlemanly things. After grandma leaves and the lights go down, that’s your cue to party like there’s no tomorrow.

Other Resources

A lot rides on the groomsmen pulling off a great look and great behavior. So do yourself and your buddy (and his fiancé) a favor and check out some of these other posts. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, we have plenty of other guides and posts on our blog.

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