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Jun, 7 2018

Your Home Try-On Has Arrived, What's Next...

Your Home Try-On Has Arrived, What's Next?
  1. Try on All Items
  2. Take Photos with All Garments
  3. Contact Customer Experience Team
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Whether you’re a groom doing your free Home Try-On, or you’re in the wedding party and you just got your suit or tuxedo for the wedding, make sure you try everything on. If anything needs adjusting, we want to send you replacements as quickly as possible to make sure you have the correct fit.


Once your gar­ments arrive, we rec­om­mend try­ing them on imme­di­ate­ly and taking photos with them on. Then, we ask that you con­tact­ our Cus­tomer Expe­ri­ence Team with­in the first 48 hours with any adjustments to ensure there’s plen­ty of time to get your newly-fitted replace­ment gar­ments to you before your event.

Should you con­tact us out­side of that time range, we can still accom­mo­date you. Keep in mind that when we’re ver­i­fy­ing and assess­ing the fit of your gar­ments, we may request to see pho­tos. Here are some easy instructions to make sure you get the most out of your Home Try-On.

Couple Testing out the look of their home try-on


For any­thing relat­ed to your jack­et or shirt sleeve length, we will want to see a pho­to of you wear­ing the gar­ments with your arms hang­ing nat­u­ral­ly at your side.

Remem­ber to but­ton your jack­et, tuck your shirt in from both the front and back. Once you ensure your shirt is tucked in tightly (but still comfortable), firmly pull your shirt and jacket sleeves to ensure neither are bunched.


It’s also impor­tant to but­ton your shirt all the way up, includ­ing the col­lar. A com­mon mis­take we often see is not using the right but­ton on the shirt sleeve cuffs. If your sleeves are too short, use the first but­ton. If the sleeves are too long, use the sec­ond but­ton. As for jack­ets, please note that the prop­er sleeve length will expose any­where from a half-inch to an inch of your shirt sleeve.

Photo of guy in his home try-on suit

When it comes to pants, it’s most help­ful to send full-length pho­tos show­ing the front and back. In addi­tion, make sure to wear your pants so that they’re sit­ting at an inch below your bel­ly but­ton (this is the prop­er place to wear your pants). You will also want to make sure to tuck your shirt both in the front and back for this pho­to as well.

Back side photo of man trying on suit

As a gen­er­al rule, keep your shoes on for all pho­tos and remem­ber to send both wide shots of the entire out­fit, as well as detailed shots of questions or concerns. Fol­low­ing these steps will guar­an­tee a bet­ter fit assess­ment and have you looking your absolute best for the big day.


Remember, you should contact our Customer Experience Team within 48 hours of receiving your home try-on to let them know how it fits. If there are any questions about sizing, our team will have you send in your fit photos to assess the types of alterations needed, and get you the best fitting replacement garments. Looking good has never been this easy!


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