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How to Rent a Suit or Tuxedo

With 40 years of rental experience, Generation Tux has revolutionized the suit and tuxedo rental process, offering a stylish and convenient alternative. Discover why Generation Tux is your best choice.

Build Your Look

How It Works

01 Design your suit or tuxedo in minutes.

02 Easy online fitting using our fitting algorithm.

Free shipping from Generation Tux

03 Get your order 14 days before your event.

Generation Tux Rental Process

No store visits. No picking up the suit or tux the day before your event. No dropping off the garments the day after. No ill-fitting garments, and best of all, no last-minute stress. Here's how it works:

  1. Design your look
  2. Easy online fitting
  3. Get your order 14 days before your event
  4. Return within 3 days after your event

That's it! When you rent with us, you get free shipping and delivery 14 days before your event, free replacements, and pre-paid returns.

Build Your Look

Generation Tux tuxedo in shipping box.

How long does it take to rent a suit or tux?

In under 10 minutes, you can have an ensemble ready to impress.

Unlike many suit and tuxedo rental stores--which only allow you to pick up your outfit 24 hours before your event--Generation Tux delivers your suit to your doorstep 14 days before the event date. This early delivery allows for plenty of time to try on your outfit, see what your date thinks, and test out some dance moves in your new threads.

Should anything not fit to your preference, we will expedite a free replacement.

After your event, you have three days to place all items in the pre-paid return bag and send them back.

Build Your Look

Suit and tuxedo rentals for any event



We offer free color swatches and a free Home Try-On program to give you peace of mind before the big day.

Wedding rentals

Proms & Homecomings


Rent the perfect suit or tuxedo for prom or homecoming with our stylish and hassle-free rental options.

Prom rentals

Other Special Events


Attending a black-tie event, gala, quinceañera, formal, or holiday party? We have you covered.

Special event rentals


We want to help every aesthetic aspect of your wedding go well— not just the menswear.

If you’re trying to match a bowtie to a bridesmaid's dress, or need to see the difference between our navy and mystic blues, we won’t leave you guessing.

Generation Tux will send you free color swatches so that you can view our fabrics in real life. Best of all? This service is completely free.

A person holding a steel blue swatch with many other colors in the background
Generation Tux lets you coordinate suit and tuxedo rentals with groomsmen

Match and Coordinate with Groomsmen

With Generation Tux, creating a uniform look for your groomsmen and wedding party has never been easier.

We provide special wedding party management services that take the stress out of wedding party coordination.

Simply pick out the outfit you would like your groomsmen and wedding party to wear, send the link to them, and we will take it from there. Once we have everyone’s contact information, we will follow up with each person to get their measurements and to make sure that they have ordered everything in time for your big day.

Groomsmen Rentals


We offer the groom or wedding couple a complimentary, no-risk 48-hour Home Try-On* period.

With this perk, you have two full days to test drive your suit or tuxedo so you can show it off to your partner and friends, take some selfies, and get an idea of what your outfit will feel like on the day of your event.

At the end of the trial period, simply send everything back, let us know of any changes you may want, and 14 days before your big day, your finalized look will arrive on your doorstep.

Man in dress pants and a white button up sitting on his ottoman in his room
Generation Tux offers high degree of customization for suits and tuxedos

Elevate your outfit with suit and tuxedo customization

The days of men wearing the same black tuxedo and suit- matched with a plain white shirt and basic black tie—are over. You can easily customize your ensemble by choosing from 25+ suit and tuxedo styles and over 500 accessories.

Customize elegantly to elevate your look with different shoes, ties, bow ties, pocket squares, belts, lapel pins, and cufflinks.

Designing a suit for your wedding or special event is more than just an outfit choice; it’s an opportunity to create a lasting memory.

Design Your Suit